Step 7
Give away specially designed miniature sheets only to those who spend a minimum $150/year.

For every Dollar spent on philatelic items during the running year one 'stamp point' is granted. At the end of the year for 150 stamp points one may get a set of three 'Best-Of' miniature sheets. They are valid for postage.
Some of the stamps included in these miniature sheets have differing perforations from the original stamp issues making them a must for country collectors.
A yearset with all new stamps (except the 'Limited Editions', see 'Step 9') regularly costs between NZ$90 and 100 so that to reach 150 points you will have to spend some NZ$50 on things you have no use for. New Zealanders might be tempted to spend this amount on stamps for everyday postage purposes (foreigners don't have this chance); anyway the last thing this 'philatelic' sales department wants is stamps actually used for postage: 'Purchases of stamps for postage use are not eligible for inclusion in the Stamp Points programme.'

Mr Russell Watson:
"You are quite right on this one. We are rewarding loyal customers with a free gift for their business, which we value. These sheets cannot be purchased in a Post Office and should not have been listed. These sheets have also lifted the value of collecting. This is the first loyalty programme of its kind and was always bound to get critics."
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