New Zealand Post's
nine steps to ruin the philatelic reputation of the country

You can click on the underlined 'steps' for more information.

Mr Russell Watson (Stamps General Manager of New Zealand Post) added his point of view to each of the '9 steps'!
It appears, though, that he didn't follow the instruction above making his answers at times slightly pointless.

Step 1
Increase the number of stamp issues beyond reason.
Step 2
Commemorate every stamp exhibition in the world with one ore several miniature sheets.
Step 3
Allow private societies to exclusively sell valid postage stamp issues.
Step 4
Issue miniature sheets only available in combination with other items.
Step 5
Issue stamps for basically uninhabited regions - valid only in a certain bureau in Christchurch.
Step 6
Issue stamps with motives that have no relation whatsoever with New Zealand.
Step 7
Give away specially designed miniature sheets only to those who spend a minimum $150/year.
Step 8
Issue miniature sheets and sell them for 12 times the face value.
Step 9
Sell Limited Edition stamps issues to not more than 2000 collectors - for fantasy prices.

Consequence: Warn everyone who might conceive collecting New Zealand postage stamps! It is impossible to have a complete collection even of the new issues! This is unique in the civilized world!

New Zealand Post's only goal is to make as much money in as little time as possible.
They are in no way interested in sustaining (or regaining) a positive image amongst serious collectors.
This means: everything is possible for them and we have to look forward to many new 'great ideas'.

As long as there are postal authorities who at least remember what a postage stamp was meant for I suggest:
Support them and collect their issues!
I am thinking of countries like
Austria, Switzerland, Norway, Great Britain, Zimbabwe, Czech Republik, Slovakia, Slovenia, Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Iceland, Latvija, Lithuania, Spain, Turkey, Malta, Aruba and many more I may not know of.

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