Step 1
Increase the number of stamp issues beyond reason.

New Zealand Stamp issues per annum (including perforation and watermark
varieties, without miniature sheets (unless the included stamps differ from
the sheet stamps), without Ross Dependency, FRAMAs etc., after 1996
without varieties within 'Limited Editions' (due to lack of information))

Value of the annual stamp issues in NZ$ (as sold by the post
office, same criteria as above, without 'Limited Edition' issues;
after 1996 always NZ$150 because of 'Best of sheets' which
always contain perforation varieties)

Number of miniature sheets per year (incl. Health Miniature
Sheets and miniature sheet booklets, without 'Limited Edition'

Mr Russell Watson:
"New Zealand Post issues on average 14/15 issues per annum. Many of these are only one, two or four stamp issues. We have tried to keep our face value at around $NZ75 (for one of each stamp) to make the hobby affordable. Obviously it costs more to collect everything we produce but that becomes a choice thing if collectors want covers, m/s or albums. Our issue numbers and face are comparable with Australia, Canada and the UK."

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