Step 9
Sell Limited Edition stamps issues to not more than 2000 collectors - for fantasy prices.

In 1995 the Philatelic Bureau started to issue 'Limited Editions collectors packs'. In some cases these packs contain previously unissued versions of stamps - valid for postage. In German catalogues these varieties and miniature sheets rightly received ordinary catalogue numbers as they are officially issued by the post office. The number of copies is limited to 2000 each. This artificial rareness enables the Philatelic Bureau to sell the packs for a high price right from the start - just as long as there are country collectors trying to stay complete willing to pay anything.
The rest and those who are not allocated one of the 2000 pieces will never have a complete collection - they should better collect the stamps of a serious postal authority.
Here's an 'official' text regarding the 'Limited Edition', taken from 'The New Zealand Stamp Collectors Handbook' (as Philatelic Bureau boastingly subtitles their advertising bulletin 'Focus'):

The Limited Edition collectors
packs have now been in existence
for over two years. To date, eight
packs have been released by New
Zealand Post. Only 2,000
numbered packs are produced for
each issue, with customers
receiving the same numbered
pack every time.
Each Limited Edition collectors
pack contains mint stamps of
each denomination and
perforated colour separations of
the highest value stamp of the
issue. Special Limited Edition
souvenir covers are also included
in each pack.
Some packs have had added
philatelic interest with the
inclusion of special products.

There has been a high degree of
interest in the special products
produced for these packs. With
only 2,000 of each special item
produced, available only through
the Limited Edition product,
collectors have been keen to get
hold of the collectors packs, to
secure the special products for
their collections.
For the third Limited Edition
issue - Maori Language, a unique
sheetlet of 24 stamps was
produced containing all six Maori
Language stamps and displaying a
special selvedge which depicted
maori carving designs.
The Rugby League Limited
Edition pack included an
imperforate miniature sheet of
the $1.80 stamp. This sheet has
been in demand from collectors
and has proved to be a valuable
component of this Limited
Edition pack.
A special sheet was produced for
the seventh Limited Edition pack
- Olympics. This sheet features
the five circular Olympic stamps
in both a perforate and
imperforate format.

1997 sees the continuation of
the Limited Edition collectors
pack series. The first pack
celebrated the New Zealand
Vineyards stamp issue, and
included an overprinted
miniature sheet individually
numbered for each of the 2000
packs produced.
In August 1997, Limited Edition
- Scenic Trains will be released.
A special miniature sheet is
being produced for this pack.
The sheet will feature all six
stamps from the issue, within a
specially-designed background.
The design of the sheet will
complement the special souvenir
cover for the pack. Demand for
this pack is anticipated to be
high, particularly from collectors
of trains as a thematic interest.
Some places have become
available on the Limited Edition
standing order waiting lists. It is
easy to join the standing order
waiting list for Limited Editions.
Simply complete the tear-off
coupon at right and return it to
the Philatelic Bureau, Private
Bag 3001, Wanganui, New
If you secure a place on the
standing order list, you will
receive advance notification of
each upcoming Limited Edition
pack. As places on the standing
order list are 'limited', allocation
will be on a 'first come, first
served' basis, and any customers
who miss out on a standing
order place will automatically go
onto the Limited Edition
waiting list (unless you indicate
otherwise on the reply coupon).
To secure your allocation for the
upcoming issues in this unique
series of limited philatelic
products, complete the reply
coupon today and return it the
Philatelic Bureau before 30 April

Mr Russell Watson:
"Limited editions are sought after, have appreciated in value and have injected the investment angle back into collecting in this country. We believe they are worthy products, beautifully produced and well worth collecting. At $135 they are not in the fantasy price range. Ask any collector or the 1000 people who are on the waiting list."

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